The Diagnostics

An important business for BIOKOSMOS is its diagnostic sector. In order to fully satisfy diagnostic needs, has focused its activities on the following sectors with great success

Nuclear Medicine

In its effort to meet the needs of Nuclear Medicine laboratories in Greece, BIOKOSMOS has become the leading importer and trader of radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes, having the biggest share in total annual consumption of radiological reagents and accompanying equipment and representing large firms abroad such as DiaSorin, Zentech, DSL and Immunotech.

Elisa products

Along with chemiluminescence products BIOKOSMOS promotes a series of ELISA products (Analyzers & Reagents) representing foreign firms which have been distinguished for their reliable products.

Immunology Analyzers

In the framework of its effort to fully cover diagnostic needs, BIOKOSMOS is also active in the field of Immunology / Hormonology analyzers with great success and promotes the super automated Liaison chemiluminescence analyzer by DiaSorin as its exclusive agent in Greece. Thus, it is in a position to supply high level of comprehensive diagnostic services, as the tests performed by the Liaison analyzer cover a wide range of examinations.

Technical support

BIOKOSMOS has his proprietary well-organized technical department and with network associates all over Greece is able to offer 24 hour technical support at any customer with any installed analyzer.