The Company

The company BIOKOSMOS was established in November 1992 with a view to fully cover the needs of the Greek medical community in the field of Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology through a high level of services.

In 2000, it moved forward to realize the biggest advanced-technology investment that has ever happened until now in the field of medical molar nuclear imaging in Greece, by installing the first cyclotron for the production of short-lived radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals. After three or more years of intensive research, in cooperation with academic institutions, internationally acclaimed scientists and highly specialized people in the field of construction, as well as on the institutional level, this high-cost investment was fulfilled and became fully operational.

Since 2004, it has been producing radiopharmaceuticals for PET/CT tests in its state-of-the-art facilities, which are seen as a reference point by the European Community of radiopharmaceuticals and are frequently visited by researchers, trainees and students for the purposes of their post-graduate studies.

At the same time, it has obtained a license for the production of radiolabelled compounds, a license for the distribution and transportation of the manufactured radiopharmaceuticals (both licenses are issued by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission), a license for operating a factory for pharmaceuticals, a license for manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals, a GMP certificate for radiopharmaceuticals (these licenses and certificates are issued by the National Organization for Medicines).

Today, the company manufactures and delivers radiopharmaceuticals on a daily basis, even for orders placed just one day in advance, while it has already initiated the process of creating a 2nd production unit in Northern Greece.